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Every business is looking to its future right now. How will we be doing business this time next year? Or five years from now? The nature of your business will determine whether you need a complete reinvention, or whether a few meaningful changes will do. A digital history wall can show how you’ve changed with the times.

Seemingly overnight you’ve had to ask your customers to do business with you in an entirely new way. There’s no doubt that more changes are yet to come. How do you show your long-time customers that you remember your history, or a time that they remember fondly? A digital history display allows your customers to take a virtual walk down memory lane. Use it to reinforce your values and community commitment while reminding them of milestones and life-changing products that they can’t live without today.

How to Design a Digital History Wall

A digital history display is twice as effective when it’s designed as an interactive tool, rather than a stale PowerPoint history presentation. Allowing users to scroll, browse and explore your content will create a deeper and more meaningful connection to your brand. A touchscreen history display is also a great way to fill an unused area of your lobby or create a focal wall.

We worked with Michigan First Credit Union to develop a history wall ahead of the grand opening of their new headquarters building. Together, we created a searchable touchscreen display featuring nearly 100 years of content. The dozens of artifacts told the story of a long history that a few treasured pieces couldn’t match.

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History Display Content Ideas

What type of content should you add to your history wall? We recommend any or all of the items below. Adding new items is easy and can be managed remotely.

  • Historical documents to show how far you’ve come
  • Photographs from important events to celebrate your accomplishments
  • CEOs to recognize leaders, both past and present
  • Growth milestones to mark your progress
  • Location growth to reflect geographic expansion and new communities you serve
  • Photos from day-to-day activities to show what doing business used to look like
  • Technology innovation to highlight how convenient it is to do business with you

A digital history wall doesn’t have to be experienced alone. Let your employees relive old memories with your established, loyal customers – they’ll appreciate it.

While all companies are looking forward, many forget about their past. What is it that made you who you are today, able to withstand unprecedented changes in your industry? Your history can, in fact, be an important part of your future. Embrace your brand and tell your story with a digital touchscreen history wall. It’s time to celebrate!

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