Scale is Important in Selecting Screen Size for Walls

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Fidelity Bank digital signage

Whoever said size doesn’t matter certainly wasn’t speaking about the size of digital merchandising screens. In fact, size and scale should be driving your screen selection decision. Along with quality and a host of other important features, of course.

But size and scale will have the most impact on your branded environmental application. Too small of a screen in relationship to the space, the viewing distance and the surrounding graphics can render your messaging device practically useless as it is easily ignored.

Today, with 90”, even 110” screens available, you have a wide range of options and price points to choose from when it comes to picking out the perfect screen for your situation. One rule of thumb…you really can’t over-size your selection…always opt for the largest screen your design can accommodate.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but this installation at K&D client, Fidelity Bank, incorporates a fairly large 75” screen. You can see from the scale of the wall behind the teller pods that this space needs a “statement.” Screens considered large just a few years ago, like 55” or 60”, wouldn’t have made an impact. Truth be told, a 90” screen would have been even better…but that’s where your budget comes into play. Again, select something as large as you can afford.

When it comes to screens, size makes all the difference in the world.

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