To self-install digital merchandising…or not

Digital Signage

We get asked all the time if our digital merchandising platform equipment can be installed by the facilities or IT team from the client’s internal resources.

It’s really a money question, right? Pay Kiosk & Display for installation or not? Will “saving money” cost you elsewhere? When is self-installation a smart move?

Yes, you can install it yourself. But do you want to? You probably have the skill set to re-roof your house or replace your bathroom tile. But do you want to? Will it look professional? Do you have all the right tools? Do you have the time versus deploying your limited hours elsewhere?

If we install your new K&D digital merchandising equipment, we guarantee the outcome and performance. We’ll take care of the issues. Isn’t that worth the cost?

Just about anyone can connect wires and make something work, but when the work is done, what is left behind? At Kiosk and Display we care about ALL aspects of an install, whether your clientele sees it or not.

To self-install or not. That is the question. Hopefully, you just discovered the answer.

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