Sometimes the simplest solution is a cheap one.

Customer & Brand

Our iPoster systems transmit video over network cables. This way, a TV or monitor can be placed where the customer wants it, for maximum visibility. Depending on the TV, we use different technologies. A VGA or PC input allows for a robust connection and the high resolution, but some TVs don’t have this input so we use a DVI solution, which also works well, but the monitor must stay on. Believe it or not, one of the hardest concepts for our customers to grasp is to do nothing to our systems. They are programed to turn on and turn off the monitors at customer-specified intervals and they will reboot automatically. Every so often, a customer forgets this and turns off a TV in a location that uses DVI, which throws off the schedule.

One of our longtime customers complained that their iPoster wasn’t starting automatically and ONLY on Mondays. We ruled out everything that we knew of: there were no power outages, scheduled or otherwise, and no one at the location was turning off the monitors, according to the manager. We then hit upon a solution: put a sticky note over the power switch of the TV before going home for the weekend. The next Monday, the sticky note was removed and the TV was powered off. The answer: the night cleaning crew was coming in, and cleaning the TV’s bezel and the pressure turned it off. Instructing them to be mindful of the power switch fixed this issue!

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