Spread Your Organization’s Internal Messages via Digital Signage

Digital Signage
Employee & Internal

Getting your entire organization’s employee base on the same page is difficult at best. This is especially true for the branch folks out in the field. Sometimes email messages just don’t cut it and you need to put your leaders in front of everyone. Logistically speaking, that can be a monumental task…and expensive.

Well, there’s no need to incur the expense of transporting everyone to one central location when you can reach them all electronically right in the branch. Put your digital signage system to work as a distribution vehicle for internal communications. It’s like having a “town hall” style meeting, organization-wide, all from the convenience of the home office. You can make the event live during hours that your branches are closed, or you can pre-record it and have it available for playback at the optimum time for the field staff. It’s like having your own broadcast network in-house and ready to spread your message.

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