The Annual K&D Error Screen Roundup Told Through Pictures

Customer & Brand

We travel a lot as we visit our clients and prospects throughout our great nation. And we always have our smartphones ready to capture digital signage screens that are blank, frozen or otherwise impaired.

You see, we have a passion for making sure every K&D screen is operating 24/7…or at least operating during the hours you appoint. We don’t think that’s asking too much of your digital merchandising partner, do you? As a client, you’re investing in a digital signage platform that you in turn need to use to communicate and send messages to the people that come into your branches. Kind of hard to reach your goals if your screens are on the fritz, isn’t it?

Take a moment and thumb through our recent collection of ineffective screens. While doing so, think about your screens and their status. Is your vendor telling you it’s no big deal and they’ll get them back online soon? At K&D, we don’t believe in downtime. Just ask our current clients. They don’t have pictures like these.

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