The Details Matter When it Comes to Digital Merchandising Content

Digital Signage

digital display content reformatted

By now you should know that everyone here at Kiosk & Display geeks out over the small stuff. Our attention to detail is what separates our content development and customer service from our competition. We’re always striving to make sure your marketing messages are the best that they can be so that all the people in your branches will notice them.

Need proof? Here’s a great example. We’re excited over the way the NPR news feed now displays content. NPR content was already stellar and it’s one of our most frequently requested feeds that we deploy on digital signage. But they recently made some tweaks to the way their feed displays, and it’s even better.

Check out the before and after images. Isn’t the new version easier to read? We think so. And we think the people in your branches will agree.

OK, we’re done geeking out for the day. That is all.

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