We Florida Financial Engages K&D for Full Service Digital Signage

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The old saying, “you can have your cake and eat it, too” implies one gets the best of all worlds and is taking advantage of everything coming their way.

Well, that pretty well sums up the way We Florida Financial feels about their partnership with Kiosk & Display. The Fort Lauderdale based credit union was looking for best in class service when they chose the digital signage platform and custom branded content from K&D, but they also wanted the flexibility to manage certain aspects of it as they saw fit.

“From the start, partnering with Kiosk & Display was a perfect fit for our credit union”, Jennifer Burns, Chief Marketing Officer said. “Every K&D team member offers expert guidance that ensures our messages are on target and on brand. We especially like the flexibility to manage the playlists in-house and to sync the messages and images with our campaigns. K&D makes us look good.”

K&D developed an entire library of custom templates specifically for We Florida Financial that allows them to match and migrate their brand over a cadre of messages themselves, saving them money on external production costs and internal staff time.

This full-service approach is pretty rare amongst the digital signage providers in the financial services space. It’s what sets K&D apart from their sell-and-forget competitors that take more of a hands-off approach to actually managing the platform and constantly creating fresh content.

“Kiosk & Display saved us both time and money by creating custom templates that fit our brand and needs perfectly,” said Burns.

Thanks, Jennifer for the supportive words. Now, let’s eat cake!

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