Wearable Digital Signage Hits Mainstream

Customer & Brand

Fashion meets technology in a mash-up of baseball caps and digital signage.

LiveLids introduces a high-quality cap (or crown) that the user can upload images to and display on a 2.8” high resolution LCD screen. While wearing the cap, you can display a single image like your favorite team logo, or you can have a gallery of images rotate through a cycle. You upload the images from any computer using an embedded micro USB port inside the cap. User controls are also situated inside the lid.

Designed in the USA, K&D predicts this product is going to be just the first in a long series of tech-embedded wearables to hit the market in the coming months. Just think… if your team is losing, you can switch allegiance to the other team with a push of a button… making you always a winner.

We think LiveLids is a winner. Check them out here.

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