Welcome Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery

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We’re proud to announce our new partner, Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery!

Nicholson Clinic for Weight Loss Surgery logo

Nicholson Clinic takes a team approach to weight loss including a full staff of surgeons, physician assistants, experienced clinicians and support staff to help patients reverse obesity. Nicholson Clinic is using Kiosk & Display’s iPoster player to display health and wellness messages in the patient waiting area.

Carolyn Schneider, Director of Marketing for Nicholson Clinic, was referred to Kiosk & Display by their trusted vendor, Enlightened Technology Group, Inc., after their previous screens stopped working and they grew frustrated with their vendor’s response. Now, Nicholson Clinic’s screen displays a vibrant loop of educational information, patient testimonials, and healthy lifestyle tips in their Plano, TX headquarters.

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