What Is Lacking In Your Digital Signage Vendor Relationship?

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When was the last time you gave much thought to your digital signage vendor relationship? At Kiosk & Display, we know how much more value customers get from their vendors when they ask the right questions about digital signage projects. Since being a full-service signage provider is our strength, we provide these questions to our prospects and customers. When you consider all that is needed to run a successful digital signage program, you’ll see that no two providers are alike.

Services provided by digital signage vendors can vary widely, so it’s important to ask yourself if your vendor can meet your specific needs. Especially now, when you’re faced with increasing demands, limited resources, and remote employees, it pays to do your homework. Compare what you need today with the service you currently receive and the value that you get for your digital signage. Consider how your digital signage vendor would answer these questions:

Questions to Ask Your Digital Signage Vendor

Site Planning

  • Are my screens installed in the optimal location for best visibility?
  • Will my digital signage vendor help determine the best screen placement at my next location?
  • What screen size do I need?
  • Do I need the same screen size for all locations?

Digital Signage Equipment Installation

  • Will you install the equipment for me or do you ship me the equipment with instructions?
  • Do you plan to work with my general contractor and other vendors to ensure compatibility?
  • Will you manage our installation to ensure everything is working properly?

Digital Signage Content Development

  • Will you help me determine the type of content I need to engage my audience?
  • Can I run different content at different locations?
  • Can  you feed my social media channels into my screens’ content?
  • Will you provide me with a customized content template that fits my brand?
  • Can I assign users to develop content and automatically route it to me for approval?
  • Can I set start and end dates for each piece of content I have?
  • I don’t have a graphic designer. Can you create content for me?
  • How difficult is it to change content?
  • How often should I change my screens’ content?
  • Can I schedule different content for different times of day?

Digital Signage Support

  • Will you monitor my screens for me to make sure they are up and running?
  • Will you help me troubleshoot any issues or am I on my own?
  • Can I speak to a live human being?

What to Expect from a Full-Service Digital Signage Partner

If the answers to any of the questions above left you feeling unfulfilled, consider a full-service digital signage partner like Kiosk & Display. We’re not vendors who will leave you hanging once you sign the contract. Instead, we’re full-service partners who plan the entire digital signage implementation process. We do the site planning, install the equipment, design the content, and support you once your digital screens are live to make sure they are always working as intended. Of course, if you have experts in-house such as your IT Department or a graphic designer, you may wish to delegate a few of the implementation items to them. But the majority of our clients are too busy with other things. They turn to us to get their digital signage up and running quickly, and properly.

Professional Site Planning

Our site planning team will review your building diagrams or blueprints to ensure the most visibility for your screens and whether additional cabling is required. We’ll coordinate with your facilities manager before, during, and after installation. If you choose the wi-fi option (which means your IT Department will love us because your digital signage content won’t run on your network) we’ll help manage every step of the digital signage site planning process.

Experienced Installation

Your digital signage media players and screens will arrive fully tested in advance of installation day. Once the equipment is installed we’ll stay on-site to ensure your media players are communicating properly with our servers. If you choose to do the installation yourself, our advance testing means you will literally plug and play.

Content Specialists

Your marketing department or designated content manager will meet with our content team to determine what you have and what you need to create successful digital signage content loops. We’ll also evaluate and help you set up the right-sized plan to support your goals for each of your locations.

Unmatched Support

As soon as your screens are live, our support team is monitoring them. If something is wrong, the support team is the first to know. In many cases a problem is fixed before the location manager is made aware that something was wrong.

Unlimited Training

For additional peace of mind, Kiosk & Display provides as much training as you need. Whether you have turnover, new hires, additional users, promoted employees, or simply need a refresher, we never charge for training. Plus, we like to stay in touch with you to make sure that you are getting the most out of your digital signage investment and are using your screens to maximize your ROI.

Don’t DIY Your Digital Signage

If your digital screens are dark, displaying outdated, stale content, or if it’s too difficult for you to keep your screens updated, schedule a no-obligation meeting with us to find out how easy – and effective – digital signage can be for your business.

What value are you getting from your digital signage vendor? Trust a full-service digital signage partner like Kiosk & Display to turn your digital screens into windows of opportunity.

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