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“‘Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from my door!’” And the Baltimore Ravens said to the Monster… “‘Nevermore!’”

Attendees at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference created over the top monster moments with the Kiosk & Display “Thrill or Chill” monster photo contest. Entries submitted in the conference app during the conference ranged from delightfully twisted Poe to Space Invader Video Gamer Monsters.

“The ABA marketers raise the bar on these Monster images year after year, and this is already a very creative group!” said Jon VanderMeer, Chief Experience Officer, Kiosk & Display.

Visit Your Monsters

“I think we all get addicted to what will the Monsters do next!”, laughs Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson, Director of Content Strategy for Kiosk & Display and creator of the Thrill or Chill Monster Contest. “The hardest part is to say goodbye to them at the end of each event. So I am thrilled to announce you can now visit your Monsters in our new online gallery and get all your ABA Monster love!” she says with a grin.

Some who are new to Kiosk & Display’s monster events might ask – why monsters? “We are a digital signage agency that believes that screens are hungry content monsters,” says Sharon. “You have to feed them all the time,” she says with a twinkle in her eye. “We love how our marketing heros at the ABA help us feed screens.”

You can learn more about how Kiosk & Display markets with their Content Monsters in “Engage Your Marketing Heroes.”

Winning Monsters Submitted in the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference App.

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