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Risks Marketers Need to Know: ADA Lawsuits Targeting Business and Financial Institutions

Work for a Credit Union, a Bank or own a Professional Service Business? Feel like you are being targeted by lawsuits regarding the usability of your spaces, websites or technology in general? You are… systematically, and it is getting worse. Welcome to the wild world of ADA Lawsuits. For those of you catching up we’ll… Read more »

4K Is Not The Right Question

As a full-service provider of digital signage systems and media, Kiosk & Display is frequently asked if we support 4K screens and media production. The answer is yes. However the right question is: are you ready for 4K media marketing? “…we see customers focus on the quality of their TV screens without considering the content…”… Read more »

Scale is Important in Selecting Screen Size for Walls

Whoever said size doesn’t matter certainly wasn’t speaking about the size of digital merchandising screens. In fact, size and scale should be driving your screen selection decision. Along with quality and a host of other important features, of course. But size and scale will have the most impact on your branded environmental application. Too small… Read more »

Neiman Marcus Launches Interactive Retail “Tables”

Neiman Marcus Launches Interactive Retail “Tables” Neiman Marcus has deployed an industry-first interactive kiosk “table” that is now active in the luxury retailer’s Austin, Chicago, and Topanga locations, prominently displayed in each store’s shoe salon. The retail tables feature a 32″ Ultra HD 4K touchscreen, covered by a single continuous pane of glass that is… Read more »

Have you secured your .bank domain?

A new domain category is set to go live June 1, 2015. .bank will be a protected, trusted and easily identifiable space on the Internet for banks and the customers they serve. Only verified members of the banking community will be able to register a .bank domain. Powered by Verisign, the new domain will have… Read more »

To self-install digital merchandising… or not

We get asked all the time if our digital merchandising platform equipment can be installed by the facilities or IT team from the client’s internal resources. It’s really a money question, right? Pay Kiosk & Display for installation or not? Will “saving money” cost you elsewhere? When is self-installation a smart move? Yes, you can… Read more »

Another Useful Tool for Marketers that K&D Wants to Share

We go to the marketing conferences, trade shows and forums just like you do. We read the trades and online list serves just like you do. We talk to financial services vendors just like you do. So, just like you, it takes a lot to impress us. And when we are impressed, we like to… Read more »

Still Running Your Digital Signage on Windows XP? Let K&D Migrate it to Windows 7

By now you’ve probably heard that Microsoft will no longer be supporting one on their most popular operating systems, Windows XP. It’s been a real workhorse… stable, reliable and used widely in financial services for these attributes. It’s thought that XP currently runs most of the nation’s ATM networks. We find a lot of digital… Read more »

What You Need to Know About iBeacon

With Apple’s iBeacon technology starting to see some traction, we thought this would be a good time to take a brief look at what it is and what we might expect from it in future. The easy answer is that you can think of iBeacon as like GPS for indoor locations. Your iPhone is able… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Media Player Decision Part II from K&D

One of the most daunting tasks when beginning to think about digital signage is choosing the correct media player. In a technical landscape that is ever changing, many companies claim to have the best solution. The true answer is, there is no one right answer. The proper solution should reflect the needs of the individual…. Read more »

K&D iPoster Digital Merchandising Platform Features 3 Different Media Player Options

Options are plentiful when it comes to choosing a digital merchandising media player configuration for your specific application. K&D offers 3 different iPoster Media Player options. Please contact your implementation specialist for more details or specifics. 1. “Server Rack” iPoster Media Player Advantages: Easiest location to service, reboot, upgrade Most computer friendly location, cooled, network… Read more »

The K&D Annual Screen Crash Round Up in Pictures

Pictures tell the story and these don’t disappoint. Your traveling K&D associates are always snapping photos on our journeys of out of service digital screens. You see, we’re fastidious when it comes to having working digital merchandising screens and it’s our number one priority to keep them online. We respond within 24 hours to any… Read more »

Going green… the Kiosk & Display Way

We’re super green people at K&D and we’re not talking about the way we feel after the latest adventure ride at your favorite theme park. We’re environmentally friendly in our office, but more importantly the very nature of our products and services are at the forefront of the green movement because every K&D iPoster digital… Read more »

Digital Signage Billboard Tracks Airplanes Overhead

You know that the entire staff at Kiosk & Display is always on the lookout to bring you examples of extraordinary digital signage applications and executions and we’ve got a cool one for you this time. Check out this British Airways billboard that tracks airplanes overhead. A video ad in London’s Piccadilly Circus features a… Read more »

K&D is Always on the Lookout for Innovative Retail Displays

NanoLumens has upped the ante in digital signage for retail stores with their latest installation. They partnered with Gridcast Media, Inc. out of Canada to create the most engaging storefront in Yorkdale Mall for Holt Renfrew, a high-end designer retailer in Toronto, Canada. Their latest installation offers a stunning, 6 mm pp multi-display feature at… Read more »

From The Technology Journal at K&D – Screens with Color Discrepancies

A recent install at one of our client’s branches proved to be no ordinary walk in the park. The branch configuration was perfect for two digital merchandising screens flanking either side of the vault behind the teller line… two very visible locations. Perfect placement. The not-so-perfect result was a color discrepancy between the two screens…. Read more »

The Benefits of Using LED Screens for Digital Merchandising

Many of our customers ask us our opinion on the type of screen or monitor to deploy in their digital merchandising system. Having been in business for over 11 years, K&D has seen a great evolution in screen technology. We currently are huge fans of LED screens and wanted to devote some time and space… Read more »

Digital Merchandising Engagement Through the Looking Glass

Screens are everywhere. Millennials can’t live without them. And they expect you to be on them. So, let’s take it to them, even through the fronts of your branches. Retailers are doing it, so why can’t you? Check out this photo straight from the sidewalk in Lisbon, Portugal. A person directing their own way through… Read more »

Details Matter When Choosing Digital Merchandising Screens

You know how something that’s out of place in carefully designed room setting can really drag the entire aesthetics down? Think Marty Crane’s chair in Frasier’s elegant apartment. No matter the care and attention given to everything else, it’s just hard to overlook the aberration. Attention is in the details when it comes to everything… Read more »

The Annual K&D Error Screen Roundup Told Through Pictures

We travel a lot as we visit our clients and prospects throughout our great nation. And we always have our smartphones ready to capture digital signage screens that are blank, frozen or otherwise impaired. You see, we have a passion for making sure every K&D screen is operating 24/7… or at least operating during the… Read more »

Anonymous Video Analytics. The next wave in Digital Merchandising.

Anonymous video analytics (AVA) is a strategy for gathering metrics about digital merchandising audience engagement. In the past, marketers could only gather data about how many people passed by a digital sign.  The problem with this method is that many people pass by a digital sign without looking at it. Anonymous video analytics uses embedded… Read more »

Getting Technical with Kiosk & Display – Wiring Matters

Sometimes the latest technology is not our friend. Using digital merchandising screens with VGA (analog) connectors versus the latest HDMI (digital) connectors means your system will be a lot less susceptible to interference from other devices. Branches have all sorts of electronics that can cause interference, such as: copiers; printers; computers; fluorescent lighting; electrical wiring;… Read more »

Getting technical with Kiosk & Display – tips for a smooth install

When installing a new digital merchandising system, there are a lot of details that need to be addressed for a smooth process. For instance, the latest technology is not always the “go-to” solution. Analog or Digital? Using screens with VGA (analog) versus HDMI (digital) inputs mean they will be a lot less susceptible to interference… Read more »