SECU unleashes super high-tech 24hr branch with digital media fully integrated by K&D.

Sure, 24-hour banking is old hat. But reaching tech-savvy customers, especially millennials, is no easy task. You’ve got to be there with all your technology and give them total access through smart ATMs, touch screens, printers, secure online banking and digital merchandising…with all of them utilizing the same branding and marketing communication. SECU of Maryland… Read more »

Sometimes the simplest solution is a cheap one.

Our iPoster systems transmit video over network cables. This way, a TV or monitor can be placed where the customer wants it, for maximum visibility. Depending on the TV, we use different technologies. A VGA or PC input allows for a robust connection and the high resolution, but some TVs don’t have this input so… Read more »

ATMs, Kiosks and Digital Signage continue to advance; content is key.

Cost-conscious credit unions often have one- or two-person marketing departments—putting those employees under great pressure. That’s why many marketers turn to displays, says Jon VanderMeer, president/founder of Kiosk & Display Co. But creating content for these displays takes a high degree of technical expertise and time—VanderMeer calls content “a big, hungry monster”—and marketers often reach… Read more »

Digital Lobby Lets SECU Offer True 24-hour Banking for Students

Sure, 24-hour banking via ATMs is old hat. But SECU takes the concept further by adding online banking access, coupled with on-demand printing, for the ultimate in 24-hour access. Reaching Gen-Y customers is no easy task. You’ve got to be there when they want you, and as we all know with college students, that can… Read more »

SECU Members Queue for in-Branch Kiosks

SECU of Linthicum, MD, uses 17 online banking kiosks to enhance the in-branch member experience. The kiosk program is highly integrated into member service representative training, making it a key tool to the member experience. The SECU kiosk offers secure public access to the SECU web site which in turn offers the member tools to transfer funds,… Read more »

The Digital Mall Branch from Kiosk & Display

Placing branches in venues that your customers and members visit makes sense. The shopping mall is one such destination that should be on your radar screen. That built in foot traffic often has financial needs, and what better place for people to engage with your brand than right near that next purchase? What makes even… Read more »

Meet Ana, the Virtual Branch Greeter/Concierge

Say hello to Anna, a virtual greeter who offers a glimpse into the future of retailing… and banking. At 5 feet 8 inches in heels, Anna is a life-like digital image projected on a glass tower at the heart of retailer The Bay’s flagship Toronto store, welcoming passersby to its new interactive display of high-end… Read more »

Heard at the Show. The 2012 CUNA MBDC Show.

Straight from marketers attending the CUNA MBDC Conference… Credit Union A “Our I.T. department hates our current digital merchandising provider, so we shopped around and we are using a new provider. The new provider promised features which literally don’t work at all.” He goes on to say that they’re very frustrated with: Local News RSS… Read more »

Digital Content at the Point of Sale Triggers Purchasing

Technology aids the buying process at retail says a newly published survey. It’s called cross-channel shopping and the channel reference is not what you’re thinking. In this case, the channels are a blend of available technology and the “old school” act of browsing. The survey, just out from Cisco, looked at the influence that in-store… Read more »

The digital generation branch is here.

Michigan First Credit Union recently remodeled one of its branches into a Gen Y digital branch using several signage and screen applications from K&D. Located at the food court of the popular Student Center at Wayne State University, the “new” branch features seven digital merchandising screens. Two are touch-enabled online banking stations for 24/7 transaction… Read more »

No Long-Term Digital Signage Commitments at Kiosk & Display

Ready to pull the trigger on a new digital signage program but your boss doesn’t want to commit to two or three year agreements on every player? We don’t blame him, we wouldn’t sign up for something like that either. Your loyalty to a vendor should be based on great service. Period. At Kiosk &… Read more »

Double-Duty Digital Signage from K&D Serves Training Function

During business hours a digital signage program presents highly branded and relevant marketing messages to customers and members inside the branch. Alone, that would be worthy enough of a marketing investment. But how about some extra bang for the buck? Many of K&D’s clients keep their screens humming after hours for training purposes. Makes sense,… Read more »

K&D celebrates 10 years of delivering digital signage.

On November 6th, 2001 The Kiosk & Display Company was incorporated in the State of Georgia and that day marked the start of a wonderful adventure that continues today. Back then times were a bit different. It was months after 9/11 and the United States had been stunned like never before. But, it still seemed… Read more »

Connect All Your Branch Screens Through One Provider

How many screens are implemented across your branch network? Probably more than you realize. Or maybe you are keenly aware because you have to manage the variety of content requirements and numerous providers. Let K&D simplify your life. We have a passion for what we call a “single stream for all screens”. That’s right, we… Read more »

K&D Gets Local with Digital Signage

If you utilize digital merchandising in your branches, we have a couple of questions for you about your local content. And by “local”, we mean specifically local community news and local events for each branch location. Are you being forced to accept regional news across your entire network of branches? Or in the case of… Read more »

Digital Signage: It’s All Around Us [Infographic]

Whether you call it digital signage, digital merchandising, digital place-based media, digital out-of-home or simply DOOH, the media is all around us. Because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, developed this infographic that shows, in a simple, easy-to-follow way, how digital signage really is everywhere, and how it can touch the… Read more »

From the Digital Signage Archives of K&D

Flipping through the Kiosk & Display scrapbook pulls up this photo from 1997 and one of the first kiosk installations supervised by Jon VanderMeer, founder and owner of K&D. He’s onsite at the first in-store touch screen banking kiosk in the state of Georgia. It was for Wachovia Bank (remember them?). The first rollout included… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Installs Digital Signage for Michigan First Credit Union

Michigan First Credit Union recently remodeled one of its branches into a Gen Y digital branch using several signage and screen applications from K&D. Located at the food court of the popular Student Center at Wayne State University, the “new” branch features seven digital merchandising screens. Two are touch-enabled online banking stations for 24/7 transaction… Read more »

Ask Yourself These Three Questions Before Creating Digital Signage Content On Your Own

Several of the digital signage providers promote the fact that they have “easy” do-it-yourself templates and tools online for creating your own content. While this initially might sound like an attractive feature, reality tells a different story. If you are considering going the template route, first ask yourself these three questions:

Spread Your Organization’s Internal Messages via Digital Signage

Getting your entire organization’s employee base on the same page is difficult at best. This is especially true for the branch folks out in the field. Sometimes email messages just don’t cut it and you need to put your leaders in front of everyone. Logistically speaking, that can be a monumental task… and expensive.

Do-it-Yourself Digital Signage Content Has a Lot of Downside

Remember the first house you bought? Perhaps you’re still in it. That is an exciting time. Going from renter to owner is an empowering feeling and the need to fix and improve your abode makes home improvement stores salivate. We all rise to the extent of our ability… and ultimately we usually find a project or two that overextends our skill set. Sure it was easy to paint the living room. Replacing the fixtures was a breeze. But if you’re being honest, how did that tile project really come out? And you didn’t really try your hand at roofing, did you?

As they say, some things are better left to professionals.

Location, Location, Location

We’ve been out in the field a lot lately. A large branch merchandising audit project had us visiting client locations as well as many of their competitors. Wow. Kicking the tires of your brick and mortar can be a real eye-opener.

Branded Content Outperforms

According to a recent study by the Custom Content Council in partnership with ContentWise, branded content initiatives are considered by marketers to be more effective than any other form of advertising and marketing.