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Sometimes clients don’t put much thought into site planning for digital screens.

“That’s the only wall we have that’s big enough.”

“I want to fill in that empty space.”

“That’s where IT said it needed to go.”

Unfortunately, do-it-yourself site planning doesn’t always get the best results. Why? Because there’s a lot to consider when planning an effective digital signage setup for your business. Where are visitors likely to spend time? Where can screens be installed that best serve a purpose? What size will work best? Is the necessary cabling in place? Can my IT team provide an internet signal, or would cellular internet make it easier?

Why is the location of your digital signage important?

Even the best content won’t deliver results if customers can’t see it. Important factors to consider when choosing the best digital screen placement include:

What is the purpose of your screens?

Digital signs are most effective in a location that allows the viewer to act on the message quickly.

How long will customers view your content?

A customer at a bank drive-up has only a brief moment to understand your message, while a patient in a doctor’s office has time to learn and take action.

How does your business location help your screens get seen?

Office space, industrial or warehouse settings, and shopping centers all have unique opportunities to get your message out there, especially if you consider that your screen does not have to be screwed to a wall. Digital signs can live in a window or travel on wheels.

How does daylight impact your screens?

Outdoor-facing screens compete with the sun. Digital signs in windows or streets need to have a higher brightness value than screens in a windowless waiting area. Ideally, outdoor signs can adjust the brightness to match their environment, like your car’s digital dashboard.

What type of content works best for a digital sign location you already have?

When the choice of sign location or content purpose is not in your control, create your content with strong, clear calls to action that allow users to quickly gather info for later, call and take immediate action, or schedule an appointment via their smartphone. Always work with your customer and operations teams to match the cost of a customer inquiry to the cost of the product sold. Most customers don’t need a sales concierge to buy a doughnut unless they buy a house or a Golden Cristal Ube (Edible Gold Doughnut).

The good news is that digital signage is incredibly versatile and can work well in both tiny spaces and huge spaces.

“Kiosk & Display comes out on top no matter what angle I compare them to other providers. They came up with solutions that we didn’t know existed.”

Yury Nabokov, Assistant Vice President, Customer Experience & Digital Marketing Strategy, Machias Savings Bank

What if my digital signage needs change?

Digital signage is flexible and adaptable, making it an ideal solution for many environments. If you decide to upgrade to a larger screen, expand to the business next door or build your next location from the ground up, we’ll guide you through the process to ensure you install screens for maximum impact. The best part is that the work you put into planning your digital signs and content can be standardized and used in future locations.

“I have had personal experience with 3 other digital signage companies who don’t even come close to Kiosk and Display’s service, professionalism, quality and easy-user experience. Love them!”

Joanne Billow, Marketing Services Manager, Greylock Federal Credit Union

Site Planning Best Practices

Even if your budget is small, it makes sense (more sense, in fact) to choose a full-service digital signage partner like Kiosk & Display. We’ll make sure that every dollar of your investment is spent wisely so that you can start measuring your returns almost immediately.

Proper site planning is important to ensure your message cuts through the information overload we experience daily. Where viewers see your message is as important as the message itself. Count on us to help you create an effective digital signage program from beginning to end, wherever your signs live.

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