Kiosk & Display to Attend and Exhibit at The Financial Brand Forum in Late April

Don’t miss The Financial Brand Forum 2015 — two full days jam-packed with the latest ideas, insights and innovations in retail banking and financial marketing. The Financial Brand Forum has quickly become the banking industry’s must-attend event. Join hundreds of leaders from financial institutions around the world for two straight days of networking and strategic… Read more »

K&D Exhibiting @ the Financial Brand Forum in Las Vegas April 30th – May 1st

Please add us to the list of vendors to visit! Roll the dice and stop by the K&D booth to talk about these projects: Branch Event Apps Make branch openings a social experience! Touch Screen Kiosk Interfaces Engage MSR & member inside the branch!   Digital Signage Programs Kill the movie trivia. Reboot your content… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Univest Bank and Trust Company

Univest Bank and Trust Company’s new financial center prototype is a technological marvel and they’re not afraid to put digital messaging front and center. Everyone entering the Newtown financial center is greeted by a huge video wall that also brands the space 24/7 with its great outward visibility. K&D ganged three vertical thin bezel screens into one… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Savings Institute Bank & Trust

Savings Institute Bank & Trust’s newest branch embraces the latest technology from Kiosk & Display that recognizes digital messaging occurs both inside and outside the brick & mortar environment. Inside, the Bank deploys a fully interactive touch-screen kiosk designed to illicit engagement and conversation between customers and branch associates. Features include secure access to online… Read more »

Kiosk & Display Client Feature – Michigan First Credit Union

Michigan First Credit Union’s Gratiot financial center is a technological marvel connected in part by a complete suite of Kiosk & Display products and services. The large branch provides a nice balance of technologically oriented self-service solutions combined with plenty of human interaction points, all designed for members to truly bank anyway they want. Upon… Read more »

Kiosk and Display set to Unveil New Product at CUNA MBDC Conference

Join us in Las Vegas March 25-28 at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas Hotel and Conference Center for the 22nd Annual CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference. And just in time for the conference, K&D is set to showcase a remarkable new mobile app that puts the power of local branch marketing in the… Read more »

K&D Now Offers Streaming Music Service for Branches

Kiosk and Display has partnered with a leading retail music provider,, to bring in-branch music service to K&D clients. “We spent considerable time vetting all music providers and we’re convinced that offers the best of all worlds for our clients” said K&D founder, Jon VanderMeer. has licensed every major recording for use… Read more »

Digital Signage Drives ROI in Branches

Digital signage in retail financial services branches drive both increased revenue and greater awareness of products. In a recent survey of digital signage marketing conducted by ExactTarget there were a number of specific metrics that benefited directly from digital merchandising: Perceived wait time was 10.8 percent less with digital signage Product awareness increased from 22 percent… Read more »

Neiman Marcus Launches Interactive Retail “Tables”

Neiman Marcus Launches Interactive Retail “Tables” Neiman Marcus has deployed an industry-first interactive kiosk “table” that is now active in the luxury retailer’s Austin, Chicago, and Topanga locations, prominently displayed in each store’s shoe salon. The retail tables feature a 32″ Ultra HD 4K touchscreen, covered by a single continuous pane of glass that is… Read more »

Have you secured your .bank domain?

A new domain category is set to go live June 1, 2015. .bank will be a protected, trusted and easily identifiable space on the Internet for banks and the customers they serve. Only verified members of the banking community will be able to register a .bank domain. Powered by Verisign, the new domain will have… Read more »

Ford Creates Driving Experience at Dealerships with Interactive Kiosks

When Ford Trucks identified its customers’ needs, the company realized something was different about its particular demographic – these customers want a lot of information about product, especially the new, redesigned F-150 truck. Its customers wanted to see the F-150’s insides, watch it in action and learn about the utility of the vehicle. After all,… Read more »

SECU kicks off the New Year with the K&D Merchandising Message of the Month for January

Client: SECU Message: Mobile Banking Retail Objective: Promote the anytime, anywhere accessibility of SECU’s mobile banking K&D Solution: Combined an arresting visual of a smartphone shaped like a wallet with an intriguing headline to stand out on digital screens throughout the branch. Results: Adoption of SECU’s mobile app is on the rise

Digital Messages Go Full Circle in the Branch

Digital merchandising expands beyond consumer-facing display screens in retail bank branches with the seamless one-stream-feeds-all-screens solution from Kiosk & Display. Create and distribute messaging throughout the brick & mortar environment including back of store, out of store and store support from headquarters with the award-winning iPoster platform developed by K&D. Multi-channel content distribution deploying the… Read more »

Branches Still Matter

Market Force Information has released a new retail banking study that has the industry taking notice about the state of branching in the future. Findings from the study show that despite growth in digital banking, most Americans still regularly visit their primary banks to interact with tellers and advisors, and also frequently contact their banks’… Read more »

K&D’s Home-Town Aquarium Dives Deep into Digital Signage

Kiosk & Display calls Atlanta home and we never miss a chance to give our great city a plug, especially when it comes to creative and innovative use of digital signage. Well recently, we looked no further than just a few blocks away to find an amazing installation of the highest quality technology displays available…… Read more »

Flexible message templates from K&D allow easy localization

Our client, First Community Bank, wanted a motivating way to get customers to use their VISA Check Cards as credit transactions, so they offered $500 gift cards as a prize offering. Every credit transaction was an entry into the drawing, so more transactions equaled more chances to win. Kiosk & Display created a flexible message… Read more »

To self-install digital merchandising… or not

We get asked all the time if our digital merchandising platform equipment can be installed by the facilities or IT team from the client’s internal resources. It’s really a money question, right? Pay Kiosk & Display for installation or not? Will “saving money” cost you elsewhere? When is self-installation a smart move? Yes, you can… Read more »

Use K&D animated templates for on-the-fly digital messages

Animated templates created by Kiosk & Display for your digital signage allow you to change messages on screens from any desktop – without special software and hours of training for staff. Using a variety of animated templates throughout your playlist provides a great return on investment since the animation and layouts are designed by our… Read more »

Check out the K&D Bank Marketing Action Plan White Paper

This paper and presentation was created by K&D’s Sharon Klocek-Ibbotson while she was a student at the ABA School of Bank Marketing and Management in 2013-2014. Here is her synopsis: As a media vendor to the financial industry it was an eye-opening experience to learn the full spectrum of the bank marketing world. During this… Read more »